Community Advisory Board


Sharad Baral

District Health Officer, Achham District

Bishal Belbase1Bishal Belbase






Governance & Partnerships Director, Achham District – Possible

Kali Bista (2)Kali Bista







Community Health Worker, Bhagheswor

Pushpa Bahadur Buda (2)Pushpa Bahadur Buda





Sub-Health Post In-Charge, Mastamandu

Mahendra Bahadur Kadayat (2)Mahendra Kunwar






Chamber of Commerce, Achham

Nar Bahadur KarkiNar Bahadur Karki





School Resource Center, Srikot

Apsara Kunwar (2)Apsara Kunwar






Women’s Rights Forum, Achham

Ram Bahadur Kunwar (2)Ram Bahadur Kunwar (chair)





Journalist Association, Achham

Shanta Kunwar (2)Shanta Kunwar






Community Health Worker, Jalapadevi

Keshav Rawal (2)Keshav Rawal






NGO Federation, Achham

Janaki Shah (2)Janaki Shah







Auxiliary Nurse Midwife, Charmandu Primary Healthcare Center

Arjun Tamrakar (2)Arjun Tamrakar






Dalit Welfare Association, Achham

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is comprised of a broad and diverse group of members representing domains of the populations where we work, including geography, class, caste, gender, socio-economic position, and employment. A community advisory board is not a token gesture to organizational-community relations; rather, the CAB holds the designers and evaluators of healthcare delivery systems accountable, and ensures that public health programs – and studies used to evaluate their success – are feasible, acceptable, and representative of pressing needs and interests of the communities where we work. 


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