Protocols in Process

Mental Healthcare Services Integration

Study: Mental Healthcare Services Integration

Manuscripts:  Recommendations from primary care providers for integrating mental health in a primary care system in rural Nepal


Focus Group Discussions – Structured Notes

Study: Video-Assisted Training Program for Continuing Medical Education in Mental Health

Manuscripts:  Developing a scalable training model in global mental health: pilot study of a video-assisted training program for generalist clinicians in rural Nepal


Acute Stress Reaction_Pre-Post Test

Attitudes_Pre-Post Test

Depression_Pre-Post Test

Grief_Pre-Post Test

Psychosis_Pre-Post Test

PTSD_Pre-Post Test

Data Dictionary

SAS Analysis Code

Completed Studies

mHealth Spatiotemporal Patterns

Study: Spatial, temporal, and climactic patterns exhibited by routine data collected by community health workers in rural Nepal

Manuscripts:  Evaluating Trends in Diarrheal and Respiratory Conditions Collected Through a Mobile Phone Surveillance System by Community Health Workers in Rural Nepal


Community Cases

Hospital Cases

Institutional Birth

Study: Institutional Birth in rural Nepal


-Determinants of institutional birth among women in rural Nepal: A mixed-methods cross-sectional study

-Impact of the roll out of comprehensive emergency obstetric care on institutional birth rate in rural Nepal


IBS Data_Part 1_Responses_de-identified

IBS Data_Part 1_Factors_de-identified

IBS Data_Part 1_IBR_de-identified

Surgical Care Coordination

Study: Implementing Surgical Services at Bayalpata Hospital Achham, Nepal

Manuscripts:  Surgical Referral Coordination from a First-Level Hospital: A prospective case series
study from rural Nepal


Surgical Care Coordination *Metadata included in file